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January 2018



Winter In The Sunny South


Global warming has come to central Alabama about 6 weeks ahead of schedule and just in time for building season. The photo above is a shot of our home December 8, 2017. We got 5 inches that day but fortunately the roads were still above freezing. We didn't suffer the usual downed power lines and snarled interstates but since it happened over the weekend it was a good time to work on neglected rocketry projects... if you had any.

I didn't actually get to work on a rocket but I did manage to knock out 2 more chapters of the next edition of Rocket Babe, so the time was still productive.

As I write this Pennsylvania has disappeared under 5+ feet of snow the last 3 days and the rest of the country is bracing for a very cold beginning to 2018. We are expecting lows in the teens here January 2nd, which is somewhat of a rarity and only happens every 4-5 years.

In the meantime maybe you should dig out all those old projects and repair jobs you've been meaning to finish, while you're snowed in this January.


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Verna will reply with how to send in your money order. Sorry, money orders only.

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Verna Starr Cestris Fighter!


Above you see our favorite Sirius kit, the Cestris. The kit is intended to fly on a single engine but it was easily modified to a 3 engine cluster complete with Verna Starr fighter decals, also available from Sirius.


Just click the BLUE link below the banner!



Are You Man Or Woman Enough?


Finally, the decade's long drought is over! Meet the masters builders dream (or nightmare) N-1 Moon Rocket Skill LEVEL S I X!

If you've been coming here for long you know we love clusters and here's one from Apogee that really got our attention! Produced by Altaira Rocketry, this is a TRUE MASTERS level kit and yes, you read that right, skill level SIX!

And the advert reads: WARNING! Difficult to build!

This N-1 rocket is a 1/122 scale replica of the Soviet Union's moon rocket that competed against the American Saturn V. This model stands over 34 inches tall, and flies on a cluster of SIX Estes D12's, or can be converted to use a single 29mm composite-propellant motor.

The primary construction material of this rocket is paper transitions. It is similar to those paper models that are shipped as flat sheets of paper. You'll be rolling the transitions and gluing them together to make this long rocket. The nice thing is that the rocket kit has so much surface detail that you'll be absolutely amazed.

"It will draw the attention of everyone that sees it." YA THINK?


Skill Level 5: Extremely Challenging
Length: 34.630" (87.96 cm)
Weight: 35.000 oz (992.23 g)
Diameter (Max): 5.220" (13.26 cm)
Motor Size: 24mm
Recovery System: Two 30" diameter plastic parachutes
Launch Pad Type: Mid Power
Manufactured by: Altaira Rocketry
Made in the USA
Over 34 Inches Tall!
Flies on either six Estes D motors, or a single 29mm composite motor
No Fins needed for flight!
Custom Display Stand Included!
Detailed Water-Slide Decals

*Detailed 40 Page Color Instructions


It might be worth it just for the instructions!

So step right up, MASTER builders! Let's see what you've got? But then, maybe you should stick to HPR.

For more information go to Apogee at:




She'll go with you anywhere! Kevin, owner and moderator at the Alien Soup  sci-fi forum, enjoys Rocket Babe - Dust Storm between innings at a recent ballgame!


Visit Kevin at Alien Soup and tell him Verna sent you!





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