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How Tall Are You?


These rocket babes look pretty interested to me and they are waiting patiently but they will need a little help to get started.

Hobby rocketry is like a coin in that all coins have 2 sides. Heads: I hear people talking all the time about how much they love this hobby and have since they were kids (me too) but if you wait five minutes you'll hear the other side of the coin.

Tails: Kids today don't know how to build anything with their hands because they have their faces stuck in an IPad. That's too often true but kids aren't born with Level 3 skills, someone has to teach them.


Adults often forget that kids, regardless of age are occupied by what their parents and grandparents provide. Most 10 year olds don't drive either so unless we take them by the hand, sit down with them and become mentors, our kids will have a very hard time learning to build much of anything whether it be rockets, Legos or Lincoln Logs.


When a dad or a mom, uncle or grandparent takes a couple of hours of their own time to help the young ones coming up learn new skills it pays big dividends, not the least of which is patience.


This kind of family time with your kids will allow you to bond in ways they will remember the rest of their lives. There's nothing more special than the one on one time you have with them because they will know they are important!


I remember when I was about 10 a neighbor who was very involved with a bowling team, hunting, fishing and a couple of other "Me time" activities asked my dad why he spent all of his free time with his wife and kids. My father smiled and replied, "They're what's important; if we can't do it as a family, I'm not interested."

We seem to have lost that "family mentality" as a nation, along with the self sufficient skill sets kids used to get from their parents. Yet we wonder why things are the way they are and getting worse. Hobby rocketry won't solve all the world's problems but the skills developed from the experience might help.

My dad spent every moment he could with his family doing whatever he could to help us develop into good people that were self sufficient and the one thing he said that I will always remember is this:

"No man ever stands so tall, as when he stoops to help a child."

How tall are you?



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Comes stock to fly on a single D.
Ours is a 3 engine cluster. D12 core with C6 outboards!

We love the Cestris!


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Between Launches...


What do you do between launches or when you can't get to the field? I like to cruise Firestick for some old sci-fi fun.

If you grew up in the 50's or 60's almost every TV series had at least one episode about UFO's and there was always some kind of sci-fi movie coming out.

So it's only natural that the Three Stooges would have a few episodes with flying saucers or space monsters. There were a couple of shorts and the boys were in two space oriented movies of their own.


It's true, when the Stooges are involved it's silly, funny and campy but they make up for it with low budget special effects. All of that is what makes them and many other old sci-fi flicks fun to watch.

Be honest, how many of you love Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Elvira Mistress Of The Dark? I thought so.


But even back then any man going into space was looking for a rocket babe or two and the stooges had theirs. Kirk wasn't the first, in fact, if you go all the way back to Flash Gordon there was Dale Arden.

So the next time you're between launches and want to have some fun, go on HULU or whatever you use to see the old shows and find Have Rocket Will Travel or Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers or some such special effects nightmare and just enjoy sci-fi as it was meant to be.




She'll go with you anywhere! Kevin, owner and moderator at the Alien Soup  sci-fi forum, enjoys Rocket Babe - Dust Storm between innings at a recent ballgame!


Visit Kevin at Alien Soup and tell him Verna sent you!





Bones says...

"Happy Thanksgiving! The wishbone is mine!"


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