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April 2017


Well, Spring is finally here and according to our Super Special Agent, Mox Fulder, we are entering peak UFO season! That's right, it doesn't matter if you live in Roswell, Gulf Breeze, Pascagoula or even Fyffe Alabama, the first quarter of any year is usually considered to be the best time to spot ET peddling around the atmosphere.

Maybe it's because there are more people outside now that the weather is warmer or it could just be our eyesight has become blurry after binge watching X-Files all winter and we can't bring things back into focus. I don't know.

Last year more than 45,000 people claimed to have seen a UFO, (Really? 45,000?) yet not one of them produced any evidence but that doesn't mean ET isn't waiting on you as we speak. So find a dark and lonely stretch of road or an old farm house out in the desert and maybe you'll get to see a real live flying saucer too.

But if you do meet a Grey, or Gorgon, or some other visitor, be nice and invite them to your next launch... and send any photos you get to us!


Things To Come...

Warning! Rated R Naked rocket ahead!

It's always fun to gaze into the crystal nose cone for some indication of what lies ahead and this month we got a quick glimpse of what a couple of real rocket men from the Rocket Babe Universe have been doing with their free time.

For the near future...

First up and just outside of London, DSSF General, Pete Barrett, is working to finish his L-3 build. He calls it, HART BEAT.


Standing 10 feet, 5 inches tall, we're hoping Pete will have her clothes on and flying by summer. We've heard there is also a blue strobe in the nose cone. Maybe we'll see a few night launch photos at some point soon. Captain Starr says, "That's a HINT, General!"


For one reason or another, Pete's been working to complete this one for almost a year and from the looks of it he's finally coming down the home stretch. The exterior photos show it looking good while internally the rear shock cord attachment ring and the inner strengthening tubes have been installed. These fins are substantial!


As for power, take a look at the photo to see how a Pro 75 6 grain case compares to a single Estes D motor; there's a slight difference, huh? Pete's not sure yet but he's considering a M-1770 Skidmark motor!

Scroll on for part 2.



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Comes stock to fly on a single D.
Ours is a 3 engine cluster. D12 core with C6 outboards!

We love the Cestris!


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She'll go with you anywhere! Kevin, owner and moderator at the Alien Soup forum, enjoys Rocket Babe - Dust Storm between innings at a recent ballgame!


Visit Kevin at Alien Soup and tell him Verna sent you!


Das Saturn V Projekt 2019!

Part 2 Rated G No Nudity

Slightly farther down the calendar and over in Germany...


If you have been coming here for a while or if you are a fan of Rocket Babe, you may have been wondering what our friend and Rocket Babe super scientist, Rolf Stabroth, has been doing of late.

With the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and man's first step on the moon a little over 2 years away, Rollie has begun work on a new Saturn V to celebrate the occasion.


Having built a very impressive (read that World Class) Saturn V a few years back (photo of #1 above) that really blew us away, now that we're approaching the golden anniversary of the first moon landing Rollie is looking to take his next Saturn V build up several notches and that's something we are very anxious to see!


For now, we can share that it will be approximately 3 meters tall and powered by 5 AT White Lighting engines! That's right, CLUSTERED White Lightings!

There's more to come so stay tuned, the future looks very interesting!






Bones says...

E.T. phone home!


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