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Don't Text And Drive!


We've enjoyed hearing from many of you over the years and we'd like to hear from you again in 2018. Please, don't text and drive.


Holiday flying


(photos made 2012)

Few things put a smile on a kid's face like flying rockets with a parent and the holidays provide a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids. All you need to do is get a starter set from Hobby Lobby or your favorite online vendor for them for Christmas and you'll soon be on your way!

They're going to be out of school anyway, might as well take advantage of it. The young lady in the photo is our oldest granddaughter, Sela. At age 4 she became a 4th generation rocketeer with her father's help and her grandfather's rocket. Look at the smile above.


Starter kits are not expensive and they provide everything you need except engines. Every store is having a sale right now so its the best time to get started and to stock up. Get a (RTF) ready to fly model or a skill level 1 snap together kit and in less than half an hour you'll be out flying!

And while you're out shopping don't forget to pick up a camera, if you don't have one already. Photography and rockets were meant to go together.


Most of you reading this are already flying or know someone who does, so if necessary just rack a few of yours and let the kids press the button. Then you can send them to track it down.

You never know, you may be living with the next Von Braun but if you don't spend a few minutes with the kids flying, you'll never know.



Looking for something entertaining and fun to read?

They're great stocking stuffers too!

If you'd like something entertaining and fun to read, get your copies of the entire Rocket Babe series, paperback or Kindle. Here's how...

Get The Entire Series On Kindle!

Just click the Amazon links below:



Prefer Paperback? No Problem!

Signed / personalized paperback copies of Rocket Babe - Dust Storm, Rocket Babe - Fallen Angel and Rocket Babe - Ant Men are all now available directly from the author!

Books are great gifts for any occasion! Holidays, birthdays or just because!

Dust Storm $10.00
Fallen Angel $12.00
Ant Men $13.00

Standard book rate shipping: $4 for 1st book; $1 for each additional book per address in the same order. Please allow 7-10 days for shipping, longer during the holidays.

*Special "Set" pricing! Get all 3 books for $32.00 includes shipping within the continental U.S.! Saves over $9 off the regular price and shipping!

*Shipping outside the USA available. Contact us for a postage quote before placing your order.


Send your email order to Verna at: with BOOK as the subject.

List each dedication separately and clearly. Be sure to include the full shipping address.

Verna will reply with how to send in your money order. Sorry, money orders only.

If you have any questions PLEASE email us:


Rockets For Christmas!

Yep, it's that time of year again, time to get something for the flyer on your list. There are many great online vendors for all kinds of rocket items from kits to supplies and everyone has their favorites. For us it's Sirius Rocketry and not just because many of their kits are an integral part of our Rocket Babe book series.

Years before the series began we were well satisfied customers of Dave & Evie Miller, owners of Sirius. In fact, Red Squadron (BSG Vipers) would not exist if not for Sirius and the resin parts Dave makes for many OOP kits.


Above: Dave with an Interrogator.

Sirius kits are among the best on the market, bar none! Whatever you're looking for Sirius has it; low, mid or high power, they even have transition kits like the Eradicator that allow mid or high power flights from the same rocket!

Below: Eradicator


Dave not only produces top of the line parts for his own kits, he writes the best instructions for them too! Building a Sirius kit is as enjoyable as flying it and the experience ranks right up there with any Estes level 4-5 build we've ever done.

If you're looking for a great 1 stop vendor for almost anything you will ever need to get your "high flyers" in the air, Sirius is the place. From starter kits to engines, they carry all the other brands you know and love too, including LOC, Estes, Flis, PML, Madcow and Dr. Zooch just to name a few.


Above and below you see our favorite Sirius kit the Cestris. The kit is intended to fly on a single engine but it was easily modified to a 3 engine cluster complete with Verna Starr fighter decals, also available from Sirius.


Of course, with the holidays almost here you need to act fast! Here's a note from Dave.

Holiday 2017 ordering deadlines to ensure delivery by Christmas:

All orders NOT containing rocket engines or other hazardous materials: Tuesday, December 19.

All orders containing Non-HAZMAT rocket engines, which MUST be shipped ground: Thursday, December 14.

All orders containing rocket engines with addtional $28.50 FedEx HAZMAT fee: Friday, December 15.

Additional expedited shipping options MAY be available after these dates, please email us for information. It is advisable if your order would contain motors to place one order for motors, and another order for other non-hazardous merchandise to ensure the non-hazardous merchandise gets to you faster. All orders that contain hazardous materials MUST be shipped ground. There is NO way to overnight these.

Drop-Dead dates are based on carrier's drop dead dates. We are not responsible for any additional delays caused by carriers missing their delivery dates due to service issues.

Don't procrastinate!

Take a minute to jump over to Sirius and look around but remember, time is running out!

And if you decide to order from Dave & Evie tell them Verna & Randy sent you!


Just click the BLUE link below the banner!



We are always looking for great rockets and launch photos for Verna's Photo Of The Month.
If you have a great photo send it in and you might be featured as the Photo Of The Month. Just email your best jif or jpeg to


Did You Hear?


Did you hear? We've got less than 45 days to live! Of course, we've all heard that one several times in the last year and we're still here.

Planet X, or as some call it, Nibiru, is going to smack into Earth at some point in the next few weeks but the exact time keeps changing. You have to hate it when the battery in your Timex is going dead.


Did you hear about the ISS UFO photo taken by astronaut Scott Kelly? It seems he didn't notice the UFO when he Tweeted the photo to NASA a few days back. The internet immediately went crazy as the UFO was identified as everything from a smear on the camera lens to the Battlestar Galactica. My bet is a smear but we'd love to have Athena over for dinner one evening soon.


Ok, did you hear about the X-files asteroid? It may also hit the planet causing many problems and possibly even eliminate CNN completely, which come to think of it would be a good thing. Funny, I thought CNN had already eliminated themselves.

Well, whatever happens, we hope you enjoy the holidays with people you love or at least can tolerate. And if we're still here January 1st we'll begin another year of rocketry fun!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!




She'll go with you anywhere! Kevin, owner and moderator at the Alien Soup  sci-fi forum, enjoys Rocket Babe - Dust Storm between innings at a recent ballgame!


Visit Kevin at Alien Soup and tell him Verna sent you!





Bones says...

"Merry Christmas!"

Now take the kids out to fly!"


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