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October 2020


Happy Halloween!


More Midland...

Photos by Ben Jarvis.



Ben Jarvis also got some great photos at last month's Midland Rocketry launch and since we love sparky motors we had to post a few.


What a great shot! 

Sparky motors can be polarizing and a subject of great debate for many clubs, at least in the U.S.. Some people love them, others are 100% against them, mostly because they can present a fire hazard - without proper precautions.

If you use sparkys and want to know which camp rules at a local club all you have to do is sift through a few of their posted photos. If you see sparkys most likely you'll be ok bringing them along. If not, just asking may get a very sparky response.


Almost home and no one died.

Obviously, conditions and training vary from field to field as do resources for allowing the use of sparkys. A club where dry weather and fire are feared year round or where water, experience and equipment are limited, would not be the place. However, with a little effort it is possible to fly sparkys safely. 

In my time as our local club's president the issue never came up and for us it would require a few physical changes to the field, additional fire response resources and a year round effort to maintain the proper conditions to fly safely. Basically, it would come down to whether or not the end, justifies the means. (The effort required) For many clubs the answer is going to be, no.

Still, we love seeing the photos of those who have the skills and make the effort. We're always ready to post them!



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Above you see a rare photo of Dave Miller, appropriately dressed in black as owner of the clandestine black ops organization known as Sirius Rocketry! What does he do in his spare time? He reads Rocket Babe, what else?

That's a nice looking Cestris Fighter he's holding too! Get yours from


Verna Starr Cestris Fighter!


This is our favorite Sirius kit, the Cestris. The kit is intended to fly on a single engine but it was easily modified to a 3 engine cluster complete with Verna Starr fighter decals, also available from Sirius.



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She'll go with you anywhere! Kevin, owner and moderator at the Alien Soup  sci-fi forum, enjoys Rocket Babe - Dust Storm between innings at a recent ballgame!


Visit Kevin at Alien Soup and tell him Verna sent you!


Spooky Season


Well, it’s October again and soon spooky season will be upon us. I remember being 8 years old (1964) and how much I loved October; it’s still my favorite month. Living in Alabama it meant cooler days in schools without air conditioning, beautiful trees and football. It also meant Halloween; a time to dress scary, spook your friends and pillage the neighborhood for candy.

Having been bitten by the science fiction bug, aka Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and 1950’s black & white space movies, it also meant whispered stories of aliens and monsters that preyed upon astronauts and cosmonauts in space.

Sixty years ago the Russians were our competitors in reaching the moon and when one of their space missions failed they didn’t exactly share it with the world. Oh, some information eventually came out but only in bits and pieces, all of which led to cryptic reports and strange speculation. 


The thing that made the Russian legends scary is there was always a ring of truth to them. From suffocated dogs to female cosmonauts burning up on re-entry to malfunctions that sent men far out into space and forever away from earth, the tales could be fascinating and chilling.

Ham radio operators reported several intercepted messages from doomed Russian spacecraft. One was heard live as a cosmonaut audibly suffocated to death while attempting to contact mission control. Some say that even now there are dead cosmonauts still orbiting the earth.


The one that was sad and most terrifying to me as a kid was the story of a woman who was recorded saying she could see flames and asking Russian mission control if her spacecraft was about to explode. Can you imagine being 200+ miles up and realizing your ship is on fire and there’s nothing anyone can do to help?

Then there’s the legend about the Russians getting a crew to the moon by a month or less ahead of Apollo 11 but they crashed there killing all aboard. Supposedly it was never acknowledged because the attempt wasn’t successful. The fact is, the Russians were close behind the U.S. and it was their policy to deny all failures so did it happen or not? Either way the U.S. was the first to land and safely return men from the moon.

Right now there are some who believe aliens are, and have been, on the moon and Mars for a very long time and they are the ones behind the failures of not only early manned launches but unsuccessful probe attempts of later years. It is interesting that the Russians and NASA had a string of failures landing probes on Mars and it's moons a few years back.

If you are interested in any of the events listed here, there are many such articles on the internet / YouTube and with celebrations being restricted this year due to the virus, perhaps you can do a little research the night of October 31st.

But whether you do or not, have a safe, healthy and spooky Halloween!






Bones says...

"Send me all your candy!" 


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