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David Pinnick - Special Guest Character


In early 2015, as I began writing RB-AM it occurred to me that I have seen many TV shows over the years that featured special guest stars from one episode to the next but I had never heard of a Guest Star for a book. So, just as I began writing RB-AM we held a brief contest to see if anyone would be interested in the opportunity. As it turned out a number of people were very interested and soon, Rocket Babe herself had drawn a name from the Red Contest Box; David Pinnick.

If you're a fan of RB and have read all the various posts on the book bio pages you know that a large part of the series is based on, and I draw inspiration from, real people, places and events. And as luck, fate, or God would have it, David turned out to be a very good fit for the Ant Men story line. The eventual contest winner was offered the opportunity to send me a brief bio on themselves, or not, and how they responded would determine their character and how they would be portrayed in the story.

Because I already had the full outline, including new characters, and knew exactly how each chapter would unfold, I was very surprised and amused at how close many of the places and much of the story matched David's real life experiences in service; U.S. Army.

Once I had read David's bio, it actually made me laugh a bit because after writing the first three chapters, I still had not settled on a name for one of my new main characters but once I had David's information all I had to do was plug his name in where a string of question marks were holding his place. It made me laugh because much of what a writer does is tedious and at times a struggle to get things just so, but plugging David in was such an easy fit I couldn't help but smile and laugh a little. You see, for some writers (me) there are times when you really labor to make things work exactly the way you want them to and when something is natural and easy, it helps make up for the parts where you struggle.

What is the character like? Well, I can't tell you that, you'll have to read the book. All I can say for now is that I am very confident that David and Rocket Babe fans alike will enjoy his inclusion.

David isn't in every sequence or even every chapter but once you have read the entire book and can reflect on the overall story as it pertains to the character, "David Pinnick" you'll see just how well it all came together. The really neat part is that the story line was set well before I knew David would be in it. Just remember, it isn't over, until it's over.

David Pinnick - Bio


Normally, I would paraphrase a submission like this but I enjoyed the way David wrote his bio information so I'm going to leave it exactly in his own words because I think you'll enjoy this as much as I did. (Only minor punctuation tweaks due to website anomalies.)


David begins...

David Lee Pinnick, age... well, I've made it 60 revolutions around the sun on THIS planet.

I'm married and we just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in October and I just 'celebrated' 5 years (so far) being 'cancer-free'!!!!

Some folks think I have a strange sense of 'humor'.....but I call it a sense of proportion... something about 'Whom Gods Destroy they first make mad' or some such ilk.

I am a retired/disabled U.S. Army veteran, (was a combat photographer/still, motion, video) and also worked in photo-journalism/public affairs from 74-82, graduated from Westminster College, SLC with a 4 year degree in Elementary Education, but ended up having to go 'corporate' to pay bills, etc. though I was Chief (only) editor/main writer/photographer of the Uintah Basin Standard newspaper in Roosevelt, Utah from 87-88, before moving back to SLC, Utah, work for various computer and customer service companies until my service-related disabilities sidelined me in late 2001.

My main 'duty stations' while in the military were WSMR (White Sands Missile Range), New Mexico and yes, I chose that location as my first duty post AND photography because I love MISSILES/ROCKETS and boy, howdy, did I get to see a LOT of that cool stuff! That's a whole story in itself!

I also worked in the photo lab and base newspaper at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah... (the place where the Army 'accidentally' killed all those sheep with NERVE agent awhile back, 'whoops!') till 82, when I got out of the army and went back to school.

I've been to 4-corners (having lived in New Mexico and Utah and tromped around that area for a few years, nothing like a 'high-desert plateau', especially in the winter! Great Mexican food!

I was one of 500 'extras' from WSMR who 'starred' in 'The Man Who Fell To Earth', with David Bowie (yes, I got his autograph and also that of Astronaut Jim Lovell who was in/technical adviser for the movie. HA!!!!)

I've ALWAYS been into 'space' and sci-fi stuff... from when I was old enough to get up to watch the 'monkey' go up and many of the first Mercury astronauts. I also read about anything I could get my hands on, sci-fi or space science from an early age and still do! (and I do read some stuff on-line, but really prefer the feel/smell/texture of a BOOK, paperback or leather-bound to the 'new-fangled' Kindle etc. Maybe it was because between football, science-fairs and trying to understand women, I spent a lot of time in high school (during 'study periods') working as a library aide and learned to LOVE books and how they feel, smell, etc! (they smell like 'history')

I love God, my family (which includes our dog!) and my country and anyone who tries to mess with ANY of that is NOT going to like the side of me that they'll see... that 'oath of service' I took upon enlistment NEVER expires as far as I'm concerned and yes, I believe 'science fiction' has a lot to say about how to deal with 'so-called REAL life'.

I have experimented with model rocketry and purchased Rocket Babe's personal ship, which I'm slowly, (very, very slowly) attempting to complete, but I get 'squirreled' easily, like by that new 22" Eagle model!!!! It just came out from Round 2/MPC, etc! It shouldn't take me more than a YEAR!

My 'persona'? on 'The Miniatures Page' is of the resident 'Bartentacle' in the VIRTUAL 'Lounge' where gamers meet and chat and I've always loved sci-fi that featured beautiful gals and tentacle monsters. My mundane' image (it does have my puppy, Mr. Lucky who is an adopted shelter dog-the BEST kind!!! Oh, my wife's name is Penny and she actually does 'understand and support' all my strangeness/sci-fi and BOOK collecting.

I love chocolate, bacon, root beer, the Moody Blues, the movie 'Second Hand Lions' and MOST sci-fi, but not SyFy (at least those 'reality shows and WRESTLING????) and the aforementioned God, Family, Country all others are subject to change and are sold by weight, not volume as some settling of contents may have occurred. No animal by-products were used (or harmed) in the production of this note, though my English teacher from 7th Grade, Mrs Cochenour would be very, VERY peeved at how I've abused the language and punctuation!!!

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