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Meet Verna Starr, face to face!


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Mike James- Azimuth Designs


Our Cover Artist


Mike James is the owner of Azimuth Design and he is well known for his compelling pinups, companion artworks, drawings, paintings and photographs, not to mention world wide fame for his garage kits. He is also the creator of a dynamic series of pinup ads in publications like Amazing Figure Modeler, and the proprietor of the most elegant garage kit website in the business. Many people know him as a 21st century heir to the great pinup artists like George Petty and Gil Elvgren.

In addition to working for galleries in New York, his work has been reviewed in ArtNews, Artweek, Art in America, and The New York Times. His work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

Mike's resume is very impressive with three post-graduate degrees in art and he has received many awards. Paid to lecture about his art at places like Harvard and the Rhode Island School of Design, Mike was short listed to design the opening ceremonies at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.


Pin up artwork, professional services, commissioned artwork, sculpting, canvas painting, girl kits and much more!


Mike’s website: (For mature viewers)  



Our Experience Working With Mike


I’ve been told by the experts that one of the most important parts of any book is the cover with the reason being that the majority of people will decide to pick up a book or pass it by in less than 5 seconds. If your cover isn’t all that great, you probably just lost a prospective reader no matter how good the story happens to be. As authors go, I’ve also been told that I am different than most in that I want the title and cover to project the storyline, not just dress up the book. In my opinion the old saying, “You can’t judge a book by looking at the cover” applies to far too many books and personally, I find it aggravating to get into a book only to discover the title, cover and contents have little in common. It reminds me of the old bait and switch routine. It makes me feel misled.


While I am satisfied with the publisher’s cover for our first edition, Rocket Babe - Dust Storm, not long after it was released I decided that for the next Rocket Babe adventure I would try to commission an artist to help set the exact image I wanted to convey.


Most of you know I grew up watching all the early NASA launches from a desk at our elementary school. From 1962 to 1974, if the launch was televised during school hours I saw it from a classroom and most of the time, sitting right there next to me, was Verna. Astronomy, outer space, classic science fiction and rockets, aren’t all interests we recently developed. They are things we’ve loved and shared over our lifetimes.


Many of my earliest memories are of science fiction movies and TV shows of the 50’s & 60’s. As a result, my stories and writing style is naturally influenced by those old classics. When I think of science fiction that involves outer space I first think of the old black & white B grade movies like The Thing, 20 Million Miles To Earth and The Day The Earth Stood Still or TV shows like Twilight Zone and Lost In Space. Particularly the clothing and sets they used. If you know the titles listed, when you see the cover for Rocket Babe – Fallen Angel you will have an “AH HA!” moment.


So, to that end I began an online search for an artist. One that could match a great artist like George Petty, Gil Elvgren or one of my all time favorites, Frank Frazetta. One that could do a classic cover and I wanted one that could make the cover, POP! To my surprise I found several very good classic pin up artists and a few of them were women but as with most things, the best of whatever you are looking for at that moment is not usually the first one you run across. I never dreamed I would find an artist that exceeds the men previously mentioned.


After many hours and too many websites, I finally found my new favorite artist, Mike James, owner of Azimuth Designs. As I searched the web I never expected to commission an artist known globally, but as it turns out Mike is not just an artist. He does so many things artistically it’s hard to believe it all. After a phone call and an email or two, I knew Mike was the man I wanted to produce our next cover. I explained the storyline, gave him all the parameters and he seemed to quickly and instinctively understand what I saw in my mind for Verna Starr.


So when I say he has completely and precisely portrayed the story, setting, and Captain Verna Starr as she appears in the mind of the author, I’m not exaggerating in the least. The man may be certifiably psychic. If you study the cover image you will find his attention to the slightest detail is exquisite! The lighting, shadows and blending of each and every facet is flawless! To merely say he is a professional is a gross understatement.


We could never have developed a cover of this quality on our own and despite my own inexperience with such a project, Mike was at all times professional, patient and easy to work with. He has our deepest gratitude for not only providing us with an outstanding sci-fi cover for our book, but a very nice piece of art as well.


Verna and I want to express our deepest gratitude to Mike for all of his hard work and expertise!


Ladies and gentlemen, find the cover for Fallen Angel and meet Verna Starr face to face. I think you will agree, this cover POPS!






Books Are Great Gifts!

Signed / personalized paperback copies of Rocket Babe - Dust Storm, Rocket Babe - Fallen Angel, Rocket Babe - Ant Men and Rocket Babe - Reflection are all available directly from the author!

Books are great gifts for any occasion! Holidays, birthdays or just because!

Dust Storm $10.00
Fallen Angel $12.00
Ant Men $13.00
Reflection $13.00

Standard book rate shipping: $4 for 1st book; $1 for each additional book per address in the same order. Please allow 7-10 days for shipping, longer during the holidays.

*Special "Set" pricing! Get all 4 books for $46.00 includes shipping within the continental U.S.! Saves over $10 off the regular price and shipping!

*Shipping outside the USA available. Contact us for a postage quote before placing your order.


Send your email order to Verna at: with BOOK as the subject.

List each dedication separately and clearly. Be sure to include the full shipping address.

Verna will reply with how to send in your money order. Sorry, money orders only.

If you have any questions PLEASE email us:





Now available from Sirius Rocketry! That's right, the Sirius S.S. Cestris kit can now be decked out with the official DSSF markings from the Rocket Babe book series! There are 2 options for the Jolly Roger tail decals. Use the skull & cross bones with the red star to indicate you're flying as Verna Starr or the standard set without the red star and use your choice of  corresponding number to indicate a different character from the novel.

Verna Starr decal set:



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