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Verna's Pedestal

Verna's Pedestal

A home fit for a Rocket Babe


This photo and the two that follow show what you can do with 17,000 bricks and some Calvary red mortar.




Enjoy a nice deck? We do too! See the beautiful lady on the upper right?
There is a screened deck off the dining room, soon to have a large gas grill, one below it off of the den and Verna's Pedestal, that is just outside of our bedroom. All 3 have the same fantastic view. In fact, we have the same view from all of the windows on both levels. Keep going to see the view.


See that smile? I waited 5 months to see that smile from this vantage point. 


I love that smile!


Above: From her pedestal looking to the left toward Birmingham.
At night we can see the tv towers on Red Mountain 30 miles away or planes landing or taking off from the airport.
Below: Looking ahead toward Chaulkville Mountain or further right toward Springville. The house is also positioned perfectly for viewing the ecliptic. In December I can sit in the parlor with the lights off at 8:00pm and watch Orion rise through the large arched window. We have an unobstructed view from sunrise to sunset. On clear days we can watch it sink below the mountain ridge to the west, just like people on the west coast see it melt into the Pacific.
Yes the photos are merged.


We have this view looking out from our bed at night. At the moment when we turn out the lights we can watch Cassiopeia moving through the night.


A kiss from my angel makes it all worth the effort!


This is one happy lady.


The fall colors were better than we ever imagined. The only word that comes close is SPECTACULAR! Everyone that drops by says the same thing: "It looks like Gatlinburg!" They've got it backwards. I think Gatlinburg looks like this.


Neither above nor below, Kodak just can't do it justice. Only God can do color like that.


This is sunset Thanksgiving evening as seen from her pedestal.
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