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Rocket Babe 
Rocket Babe will fly on 2 different engine combinations. For a slow, more realistic liftoff, we use a central D12-3 with 4 A8-3's. When it is a little windy and we want to get up to speed quickly, we go to a core D12-5 and 4 C6-5's
A complete overview of Rocket Babe, including instructions and photos is available on the S.E.A.R.S. 572 website:


Rocket Babe on the pad just prior to flight #19.
Now at 26 flights and counting.


Clearing the rod with all 5 engines burning.


Above you can see the chutes beginning to deploy as the wadding sails away. The booster is half way between the chutes on it's side with the bottom to the camera.


Photo by Ray Cole

Below: Twilight liftoff of Rocket Babe's maiden flight.



Almost home.


Rocket Babe making her 25th flight at the BRB Night Launch, August 16, 2008.


THE Rocket Babe with 2 of her rockets.


100 feet up - maximum thrust.


There's nothing better than a wife who loves
rockets and over indulges her husband!

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