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Photos Of The Month


We haven't seen a, Deuces Wild, in quite a while much less on a pair of O motors!

Joe Zielinski, MDRA. 


From one of our favorite rocket forums, CATO CLUB.  

Credit: Vladimir Sedov World Championship, Bulgaria 2014. 

Model: Andrei Vishnyakov, Russia.


Another amazing shot from CATO CLUB: Rick Maschek, three E9-6 motors. 

We love clusters but know to never trust an E 9! We've seen too many do this to great looking rockets.


Even the U.S. Navy can have one go astray once in a while. Of course, theirs are more expensive but still pretty interesting.

It's warming up in the U.S. so get out there, start flying and don't forget to send us your photos!




Go to full screen, turn your speakers up and take a look!

Trailer by Rachel Bostwick


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