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Der Saturn Max!


I first saw Der Saturn Max on the Sagitta Cantina Forum about a month ago. One of our friends there, Lee Reep, was getting ready to fly it at NARAM.


Lee chose an E18-4 White Lightning reload 24/40 RMS for power. He tells me it was a nice liftoff with a climb to about 500 feet, so the crowd had a great view of the entire flight.

The landing was a little scary as it came down just off the graveled launch area but happily there was no damage only a few minor paint chips.

I for one am very glad to know Lee's bird made a great flight and a safe landing.

Aside from the fact Lee is a fellow Saturn V converter colleague, what I found most interesting is that he actually built it as a cluster but only flew it on the 1 engine for the first flight. I'm hoping at some point in the near future Lee will fly Max again... on all 3 engines!

So those of you with a Saturn V just molding away in a closet somewhere, pay attention! Grab some inspiration from Lee, drag out that Saturn V you've never gotten to and do something other than the basic vanilla build.

Who knows, one day you may see Der Saturn Max, Rocket Babe, Bad Girl and the USS Pandora, all flying together at a launch near you.




Bad Girl and Rocket Babe


Rocket Babe launching on 5 engines!


So, just to complete a very different Saturn V edition of Photo Of The Month here's a photo sent to me by my son of a Saturn V lamp. Pretty cool, right!? I think it was in a motel room at some resort.

Also in the photo you can see the Battlestar Galactica, a Viper and one of the shuttles.

I know, someplace out there a few old grumbling scale builders are just having a stroke at the liberties taken with the Saturn V here this month and to them we say...

"Get out of your parents basement. Get a job for god's sake!"

Sorry, that was just the evil Captain Kirk...




Go to full screen, turn your speakers up and take a look!

Trailer by Rachel Bostwick


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