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Photos Of The Month

From Rolf Stabroth in Germany!


Here we see Rollli and some friends with their Christmas tree rocket.


With just a little prep, they're ready to go!




...And awaaaay!


After a nice flight, Rolli managed to catch the tree!


This is Rolli with his very impressive, HPR SLS. It flies on a cluster of four I-211's and two J350's!


The finished product, in Rolli's workshop; the ceiling is too low to stand complete.

The SLS is just one of many amazing rockets of Rolli's that we've shared over the years and with all he does for DSSF and Sirius in the Rocket Babe series, I'm sure you'll agree, to manage to get in some hobby rocketry as well, makes him an amazing man / super scientist, indeed!

From Rolli, Dave at Sirius, General Pete Barrett, Captain Starr, Commander Randall and the entire Depp Space Strike Force Fleet, we wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!




Go to full screen, turn your speakers up and take a look!

Trailer by Rachel Bostwick


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